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KYC is a high-tech decentralized coin that is part of the KYC ecosystem.

It can be used for online and offline shopping.

The idea behind the coin is not only to make using cryptos as easy as possible but also to offer the highest degree of protection.

KYCC is based on the Proof of Stake mechanism and utilizes an advanced privacy algorithm.

Find more information in our White Paper


KYCC Wallet is a simple but convenient and feature-rich mobile crypto currency wallet without commissions. Each user can send funds to their contacts, add notes, buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies. With KYCC Wallet, you can send cryptocurrencies to anyone from anywhere and in any direction. 

One of the main features of the KYCC Wallet is first-class protection. In particular, this is achieved by creating a quality user community. In order to become a wallet user, one needs to receive a special invite. 

When someone becomes a KYCC Wallet user, they not only get the ability to invite other users by giving out or selling invites, but also zero commissions for a specific period of time.

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Instant crypto exchange

The biggest advantage of the KYCC wallet is still the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies. Because of that, it can be called an instant crypto converter. Many traders and investors know that when it comes to spending money one should not hurry, but sometimes it is extremely necessary to make an exchange in the shortest possible time. KYCC wallet users have such an opportunity. All you need is an Internet connection. The best crypto exchange with the lowest fees is always in your smartphone!

Instant Crypto Exchange
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Q1 2021 (completed)
- Crypto market analysis
- Team building
- White Paper writting
Q2 2021 (completed)
-Company registration in the UK
- Design market strategy
- Beginning of KYC Coin development
- Creating terms of reference for KYC Wallet App
- Strategic Partnerships
Q3 2021 (completed)
- Beginning of KYC Wallet App Android version development
- Beginning of KYC Desktop Wallet development
- Beginning of KYC Wallet App iOS development
Q4 2021 (completed)
- Development of website
- Integration of top cryptocurrencies
- KYC Wallet Android App v1.0 alpha testing
- KYC Wallet iOS App v1.0 alpha testing API release
- Development and integration of cryptocurrency exchange within the wallet
Q1 2022 (completed)
- Launch of the bounty campaign for iOS/Android KYC Wallet Apps
- iOS and Android KYC Wallet App pentesting
- Marketing campaign launch
- Referrals - 0.5%
- Bonus & Bounties - 5%
- Start Private Sale
- Start Public Sale
- Listing on Coinmarketcap
- IEO Launchpad
- KYC Wallet Android App v2.0 alpha testing
- KYC Wallet iOS App v2.0 alpha testing
- KYC Coin listing on exchange
Q2 2022 (completed)
- Launch of Beta v 1.0 version of the project KYC wallet for iOS
- Launch of Beta v 1.0 version of the project KYC wallet for Android
- Security Audit 2
- Launch of the first working version of KYC wallet v 1.0 for iOS
- Launch of the first working version of KYC wallet v 1.0 for Android
- Integrations with marketplaces and e-Commerce sites
- Development of payment gateway for B2B and B2C sector
- Payment gateway testing
Q3 2022 (completed)
- Integrations with card issuer Wallester AS
- 500.000 Mobile app downloads KYC WALLET
- 200.000 users on KYC COIN
- Start develop Technical Structure of KYC/AML Check
- Listing KYC coin on new exchange
- First 100 free branded debit cards are issued
Q4 2022(completed)
- First branded debit cards High Limit are issued
- Development of web wallet KYCCOIN
- Alpha release of the KYC & AML CHECK tools
- Major Exchange Listings
- 1.000.000 Mobile app downloads KYC WALLET


KYC Coin is led by two sisters, Alexandra and Maia Colitova. They provide an important example of female leadership, which is still rare in the blockchain space.The sisters have spent years studying the inner workings of the crypto market and participated in numerous industry events.

Co-founder and CEO Alexandra Colitova is a financial entrepreneur. She is currently a member of the executive team at IT Future Farm, a company providing IT support for cryptocurrency platforms.

CОО Maya Colitova has experience in stocks and cryptocurrency trading.


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We are making a big impact with our partners, who are making KYCC better and simplifying previously time-consuming routines. We are working to make the KYC AND AML verification process simple and straightforward. This will be offered by our partner in the UK, who is helping us with this. The company is a provider of KYC checks, which will be accepted by many organizations in many countries around the world. And, of course, every KYC coin user can be considered a partner, because by using our services they contribute to the further integration of cryptocurrencies and fiat money.

our team

Our team work hard to make the best cryptoicurrency ecosystem
Alexandra CEO
CEO & Founder
Maya CFO
Nikita UI/UX Designer
UI / UX Designer
Evghenii Blockchain Compliance Specialist
Compliance Specialist
Alexander Copywriter
Sergey Community Manager
Community Manager
Nikita Community Manager
Product Manager
Our Develop team work hard to make the best and safest cryptoicurrency project


KYC is more than an crypto project. It's a community! Join the discussion on social network in your language or region


Coin distribution:
Group 375
Private Sale
Public Sale
Bonus & Bounties
Reserved for liquidity
Partners & Adivsors
Staking, Rewards


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