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KYCC Desktop Wallet - What’s Inside?

KYCC Desktop Wallet – What’s Inside?

Although trading, investing, and using cryptocurrencies is easy to do on a smartphone, many professionals and beginners use desktop devices. These are laptops or computers with a big screen.

Get our desktop wallet and use it on your computer. To send payments, simply copy the recipient’s address and add a comment if necessary.

KYCC Desktop Wallet - What’s Inside?The desktop version is as easy to use as the mobile app. But if in the first case you work with the mouse, in the other – with your fingers.

The desktop version inherits the functionality of the mobile app but has a number of important advantages.

Working on a big screen and using a mouse allows you to perform transactions faster than when it comes to manually entering a wallet address. This is relevant when you regularly make payments to a large number of partners by getting sender addresses in a messenger or on a social network. True, in this case, it’s much easier to generate a QR code and share it so that each client has the opportunity to pay automatically. But in some cases, this is not possible, as your partners may also be using the desktop version of the app.

There are also many more antivirus solutions for computers, so you can buy a reliable paid antivirus for comprehensive protection of your funds.

The desktop version of the KYCC wallet allows each user to convert any cryptocurrency they own into fiat money, and then withdraw it to a bank card or exchange it back into cryptocurrency.

Unlike most modern exchanges or exchangers, such operations do not entail the loss of money, as users have to pay only one commission, which is the exchange spread.

There’s another advantage of our most secure desktop crypto wallet, and that’s a higher degree of device protection. We are talking about the fact that the probability of losing a smartphone is much higher than a computer or other device that is installed stationary and has been in your home or office for many years.

Wallet has a built-in feature for instant cryptocurrency exchange. It uses the current cryptocurrency exchange rates, which correspond to market rates. You can easily make sure that the rate is fair by comparing it with the information displayed on the Chainlink website or any other cryptocurrency converter. We don’t aim to make money from providing exchange services, our priority is to grow the number of users and create a user-friendly ecosystem to better integrate cryptocurrencies into today’s world and make them easy to use for everyday payments.

As with the mobile version, users of the desktop KYC wallet have the ability to add users to their contact list in order to instantly select recipients and send them funds without any approvals. This is convenient even in the case when you make a small number of transfers, but the recipients are the same individuals.

We don’t aim to make money from providing exchange services our top priority. Our mission is to grow the number of users and create a user-friendly ecosystem to better integrate cryptocurrencies into today’s world and make them easy to use for everyday payments.

It is especially worth mentioning that transferring cryptocurrencies from one KYC Coin wallet to another does not require paying any commissions. Such transfers are free, instant and allow our users to conveniently use and exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies at any time and in almost any country.

If I have a desktop wallet, could I lose my crypto? We provide full protection for your funds, but the safety of your device remains your concern!

Where do you keep your desktop crypto wallet? On your hard drive!

Which KYC wallet is better – mobile app or desktop version? It’s up to you to decide. There is no problem with using both features. They both are convenient and safe!

KYC Wallet Is Your New Cryptocurrency Exchange!

KYC Wallet Is Your New Cryptocurrency Exchange!

KYC Wallet Is Your New Cryptocurrency Exchange!

With the KYC Wallet app, you can exchange one crypto for another without wasting your time and without looking for additional service or services. Crypto-fiat conversions are also easy to complete.

Many cryptocurrency users prefer to withdraw funds in U.S. dollars or other local currencies. This is understandable since many companies still do not accept cryptocurrencies. Therefore, every trader, investor, and ordinary user should think about finding the best solution for converting crypto into fiat money or making crypto to crypto exchange.

Commissions for such transactions are very low. On top of that, there is only one fee. It is an internal exchange spread.

We are actively working to increase the number of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that can be part of this scheme. Thanks to the suggestions made by our users, we make decisions on the expansion of opportunities, so we consider everyone who uses KYCC services and expresses their position either by voting in our decentralized community or by sending their wishes and feedback via the contact form as our partner.

Today there are hundreds of different combinations.

What is a Shake To Pay Feature?

What is a Shake To Pay Feature?

There are many ways to pay for goods and services on the Internet. The most popular is a bank card.

But what do cryptocurrency users do when it comes to transferring funds to some person or organization? You need a wallet address and an amount to be sent. This data should be copied correctly or entered manually, double-checked, and only then one can make the payment.

What is a Shake To Pay Feature?

There should be no mistake because a refund is possible only if the recipient agrees to make a reverse payment. So this is not a refund, but another transaction.

For example, you want to buy ice cream from a street vendor. What could be easier than shaking your smartphone instead of pulling out a bank card or crumpled cash from your pocket?

Or let’s say you’re enjoying a cup of flavored tea with your friend at the local cafe. You want to send him a certain amount of money. Just shake your smartphones and you’ll get in touch right away.

Shake To Pay is a customizable feature. For example, when it comes to buying goods from a street vendor, the price has to be determined.

In this case, the seller will have to generate a QR code, which contains information about the buyer’s address and the amount of money to be sent.

It will be enough for the buyer to scan the code with his smartphone. This way the application will automatically fill the necessary fields, including the address of the recipient and the sum of the payment. If necessary a comment can be added.

Transactions made with KYCC are instant and don’t involve paying any fees. But it should be remembered that if the means of payment is another cryptocurrency, then you will need to pay blockchain fees.

No doubt, KYC wallet is a crypto exchange with the lowest fees.