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KYCC Bounty Program

KYCC Bounty Program: Starting January 11, Total Pool – 3,000,000 KYCC!

KYCC Bounty Program

On January 11, the KYC Coin Bounty Program kicks off, the participants will receive a total of 3 million KYCC!

Thanks to the high level of protection, user-friendly mobile apps, and desktop wallet, its ease of integration with online and offline projects, KYCC has already gained popularity among crypto-enthusiasts. Now everyone has an opportunity to perform simple tasks in social networks to contribute to the popularity of the project and get a good reward for it.

General Information

  • Duration – from January 11 to March 8;
  • Total pool – 3,000,000 KYCC;
  • Coin distribution – four weeks after the end of the program;
  • Bounty week – Wednesday through Tuesday;
  • To receive payment for each reporting week, you must fill out reports;

Participation does not require an investment, you just need to download and install a free wallet, choose one or more programs, and follow the simple steps it requires;

The main goal of the Bounty program is to spread the word about KYC Coin as widely as possible and pay a decent reward to everyone who participates.

Requirements for Participants

Anyone can take part in the KYCC Bounty program. You will need to register and choose the appropriate participation option.

General rules are as follows:

  • Subscribe to the Twitter account, Telegram channel, and Reddit;
  • Download the wallet from Github;
  • Confirm your participation.

Choose your participation option, depending on what social networks you prefer to use.

Important – use real accounts, not fake ones, as they will have to be confirmed through selfie verification. Users caught cheating or any other illegal behavior will not be rewarded!

Participation Options

  • For beginners. The easiest way to get active in the Bounty program and earn rewards is to join Facebook Bounty, with a total pool of 300,000 KYCC. You’ll need to post three responses under three different posts over three days. Also – make three reposts with hashtags. Participation is suggested for those with active Twitter and Telegram accounts. Requirements are quite mild, any user can do it, regardless of previous experience in such programs.
  • For everyone. Different social network users are offered different Bounty programs. For example, Medium platform users who have an active account can take part in Medium Bounty with a total pool of 100,000 KYCC. They would have to share at least one post and leave a comment every week. Similar programs have been designed for other platforms – Reddit Bounty with a total pool of 100,000 KYCC, Instagram Bounty with 210,000 KYCC.
  • For bloggers. If you’re a blogger, a media personality, have subscribers, and expect to be rewarded more, take part in Blog Bounty with a total pool of 600,000 KYCC. You’ll need to subscribe to a Medium profile and a Reddit channel, and write a post of 500 words or more, to be published on Medium, Quora, publish0x, Reddit, Steemit, or your personal blog. Video Bounty with a total pool of 450,000 KYCC – for those who are ready to make a video 3 minutes or longer and publish it on YouTube. If you have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel, consider this opportunity, as it’s the fastest and easiest way for video bloggers to participate.
  • For the international community. Cryptocurrency users from around the world who are registered on the largest cryptocurrency forum in the world,, are invited to participate in the Signature Bounty program with a total pool of 150,000 KYCC. The task is to add a signature and leave messages in any language in the corresponding branches. The length of posts – from 75 characters, the number – from 10 per week. It’s important to leave messages where the signature is displayed.

Additional Information

The KYCC team wants everyone to be rewarded for high-quality work, so we’ll focus on the following:

  • If you prefer to participate in Bounty programs and get rewarded, use your own personal profile. To avoid multiple participations and spamming, users will be prompted for a selfie verification. It’s simple, quick, confidential, and focused primarily on getting your rewards without competing with dishonest participants.
  • If a user participates in the Signature Bounty program and prefers to communicate on the forum, you should refrain from posting a large number of single-type and meaningless comments. It is better to create an attractive avatar and post quality posts that are useful for other users.
  • You can combine participation in different programs to get more rewards. Be sure to read the detailed terms of each program and submit your reports on time.

3,000,000 KYCC are waiting for the Bounty program participants. Registration is free, no investment, just simple tasks and you’ll get your share of the rewards!