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Running a KYCC Masternode Is Available To Anyone

Running a KYCC masternode is designed to help everyone become part of the KYCC project
and earn rewards.
The economic and financial crisis and the pandemic have led to an increase in unemployment
and loss of capital. Every third person in the world has a loan in the bank, at least to somehow
feed themselves and their families. Many people don’t realize how they have become hostages
in this difficult situation. To reduce the number of such problems in the world, the developers of
the KYCC project developed a KYCC (coin), which is designed to help anyone earn money
Masternodes are nodes in the KYCC network that are located in the blockchain (a continuous
chain of blocks containing all records of transactions).
Nodes play an important role and are responsible for important functions:

● increasing the confidentiality of transactions;
● execution of instant transactions;
● participation in management voting.

Running and maintaining masternodes in the KYCC network is fairly easy. No technical
background is needed. Any masternode owner can get 4 KYCC as a reward for creating a
single block without spending any effort at all. The income can be more than 100 coins per day.
The rewards are paid out automatically. It simply requires to lock in 100,000 KYCC as a pledge,
but this is not a participation fee, only a temporary lock-in. At any time, any member of the
rewards program can withdraw support for their masternode and have the funds freely available.
All that is needed to run the masternode is a basic laptop or computer with 2 GB of RAM, a
single-core processor, and 30 GB of free space.
The KYCC project in general as well as an opportunity to run KYCC masternodes in particular
are designed to make it possible for anyone to create a passive income stream.
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