KYCC Desktop Wallet - What’s Inside?

Although trading, investing, and using cryptocurrencies is easy to do on a smartphone, many professionals and beginners use desktop devices. These are laptops or computers with a big screen.

Get our desktop wallet and use it on your computer. To send payments, simply copy the recipient’s address and add a comment if necessary.

KYCC Desktop Wallet - What’s Inside?

The desktop version is as easy to use as the mobile app. But if in the first case you work with the mouse, in the other – with your fingers.

The desktop version inherits the functionality of the mobile app but has a number of important advantages.

Working on a big screen and using a mouse allows you to perform transactions faster than when it comes to manually entering a wallet address. This is relevant when you regularly make payments to a large number of partners by getting sender addresses in a messenger or on a social network. True, in this case, it’s much easier to generate a QR code and share it so that each client has the opportunity to pay automatically. But in some cases, this is not possible, as your partners may also be using the desktop version of the app.

What is a Shake To Pay Feature?

There are many ways to pay for goods and services on the Internet. The most popular is a bank card.

But what do cryptocurrency users do when it comes to transferring funds to some person or organization? You need a wallet address and an amount to be sent. This data should be copied correctly or entered manually, double-checked, and only then one can make the payment.

What is a Shake To Pay Feature?

There should be no mistake because a refund is possible only if the recipient agrees to make a reverse payment. So this is not a refund, but another transaction.

For example, you want to buy ice cream from a street vendor. What could be easier than shaking your smartphone instead of pulling out a bank card or crumpled cash from your pocket?