Instant Crypto Exchange - Is It Even Possible?

Many cryptocurrency users, regardless of whether they are professional investors and traders or just use digital money to make occasional payments, prefer to use several coins rather than one. Depending on fluctuations in value or for other reasons, they have to make exchanges.

Anyone who has ever exchanged one coin for another knows that it entails a loss of time and money. Exchange fees are very high, regardless of whether you use an exchange or an exchanger. In addition, you have to constantly make sure that the exchange rate is favorable.

Instant Crypto Exchange - Is It Even Possible?

This is why we all are looking for the best crypto exchange in the world that is well-secured and charges minimal fees.

KYCC wallet users do not have to look for the best crypto exchange for beginners, because the wallet itself is the best way to buy digital currency.

The thing is that you can exchange one cryptocurrency to another using the slider: just select a trading pair and the exchange will be made within seconds.

So you no longer have to use third-party services, create new accounts, confirm your identity, agree on the exchange amount and choose the best offer out of several. All you need to do is to install your wallet once, understand how it works and buy or sell cryptocurrency when you need it. No complications, problems, or additional risks.

For example, you need to make a payment in a certain cryptocurrency. No problem, just buy it inside your wallet!

You can also exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money. To do this, order our branded debit card. With a KYCC wallet and KYCC debit card, you can comfortably use cryptocurrencies and fiat money without restrictions and limits!

Today we are actively working on the creation of our own KYC crypto coin exchange.

It will provide a large number of trading instruments, a wide range of options for deposits, as well as minimum restrictions on the size of the initial deposit and the amount of withdrawal.

We will create clear videos so that users who prefer visual content can get the information they need in a convenient form. Traders will have access to more than three hundred trading pairs.

KYC Exchange will seriously compete with the leading trading platforms. But users who are interested in trading do not have to wait. They can make instant exchanges inside the KYCC wallet. For those who want to engage in trading on financial markets, we can recommend the services of our partner the KYC Exchange.

Using the KYCC wallet has an undeniable advantage. The wallet has a special built-in feature that provides real-time access to the prices of various cryptocurrencies. We use services of different cryptocurrencies, mainly Chainlink. This way you are sure to get the best prices at any given moment. You don’t have to look for alternatives.

The commission for a cryptocurrency exchange is minimal, usually not more than 0.4%. Compare this value with the offers of other services that charge 1-2% or even more. For example, cryptocurrency exchange at Coinbase is subject to a 2% commission.

So, if you are about to exchange $1000, this refers to losing at least $20.