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22. 03. 22
KYC Wallet Is Your New Cryptocurrency Exchange!

KYC Wallet Is Your New Cryptocurrency Exchange!

With the KYC Wallet app, you can exchange one crypto for another without wasting your time and without looking for additional service or services. Crypto-fiat conversions are also easy to complete.

Many cryptocurrency users prefer to withdraw funds in U.S. dollars or other local currencies. This is understandable since many companies still do not accept cryptocurrencies. Therefore, every trader, investor, and ordinary user should think about finding the best solution for converting crypto into fiat money or making crypto to crypto exchange.

23. 12. 21
We are proud of our partners

We are proud of our partners!

When running our business we prefer to work with the best partners in different niches.

Many KYC coin users are traders and investors, so they are looking for a reliable trading platform. Quan2um is a crypto-fiat exchange. One of the most important distinguishing features of this exchange from its competitors is its flexible support of fiat currencies. KYCC wallet users can deposit and withdraw their earnings to and from the exchange without delays or restrictions. If you are not a KYCC wallet user yet, you can top up your account at the Quan2um exchange using your bank card. This functionality is not provided by Kraken, Poloniex, and other popular exchanges.

08. 10. 21
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