We are proud of our partners!

When running our business we prefer to work with the best partners in different niches.

Many KYC coin users are traders and investors, so they are looking for a reliable trading platform. KYC Exchange is a crypto-fiat exchange. One of the most important distinguishing features of this exchange from its competitors is its flexible support of fiat currencies. KYCC wallet users can deposit and withdraw their earnings to and from the exchange without delays or restrictions. If you are not a KYCC wallet user yet, you can top up your account at the KYC Exchange exchange using your bank card. This functionality is not provided by Kraken, Poloniex, and other popular exchanges.

Many cryptocurrency users know that despite the fact that cryptocurrencies were created as an anonymous means of payment, in most cases, to use financial services, you need to confirm your identity.

This can be done by passing KYC and AML verification. This approach will allow cryptocurrency users to get almost everything they need without leaving the KYCC Coin ecosystem.

We also call our partners masternode owners. Those who set up and run masternodes help maintain the stability of the KYCC blockchain. In return, they get the right to vote in our decentralized community. We’re proudly working with our partner from UK offering KYC AND AML verification services.

The development team together with the members of our decentralized community and each user is our greatest value!

Many people say that KYC Coin is new a cryptocurrency with potential, and not only with potential, but also with a great and bright future, because it is managed by really qualified experts, who are the part of passionate and well-educated professionals in different fields.

The number of our partners increases every day. Among them are new stakers, masternode holders. We also partner with large and small merchants. On the one hand, we help them better serve their customers, and on the other hand, they promote our ecosystem.

Through this win-win partnership, everyone wins, even those who have yet to join the ranks of regular users and big KYC Coin partners.