What makes KYCC Wallet app cryptocurrency the best solution?

KYC Coin is a global project, because of this the wallet can be used with the same level of comfort in many different countries around the world.

One of its main advantages is the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies into fiat money and do it in a few clicks without loss on commissions or any additional complications.

What makes KYCC Wallet app the best solution?

Many sellers, and this includes those who work online and offline, know what rolling services are. Various payment platforms require the merchant to keep about 10% or even more on their balance to cover possible chargebacks. In simple terms, merchants can’t effectively manage their funds, which can be spent on advertising, paying off the loan, or buying a new batch of merchandise.

In some cases, sending and receiving crypto payments is quite a challenging task.

Usually, the sender and the recipient have to double-check if everything is all right with the address and only then transfer the money.

KYCC wallet users can avoid copying the address at all. Shake to Pay is the ability to make cryptocurrency payments by shaking your smartphone. Just shake your smartphone and you will immediately see a list of users who are up to 5 kilometers away from you and who did the same action.

This way you can transfer money to your friends or business partners. But the most convenient way to use the Shake to Pay feature is when you need to pay in a restaurant, cafe, or to buy some goods from a street seller.

If you are a merchant, you know that accepting cryptocurrency payments is quite a complicated task. The thing is that users will have to copy your wallet address and double-check many times if everything is correct. It would be much easier for them to use a credit card or cash. But with the KYCC wallet, you can generate a QR code and put it somewhere where everyone can see it. This way users will be able to use their smartphone camera and make the payment without too much trouble. No additional confirmations or permissions are required. You just generate a QR code once, place it in a noticeable place with clear instruction, for example, next to the cash register and the users will notice this opportunity.

KYCC wallet is easy and convenient for both merchants and customers. Due to its high degree of protection, it can also be called the best place to store crypto.

What is the best crypto wallet to use? How would you describe it? Does this refer to the widest range of cryptos available for buying and selling, or it’s all about safety? The best cryptocurrency wallet is the one that is designed for paying, receiving, holding, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. With this idea in mind, we created the KYC coin wallet. Technically, it is a crypto wallet app that can be easily installed on most modern smartphones and doesn’t require much space.

We believe that the most secure crypto wallet should be absolutely free to use. We are constantly updating our app, the developer team is working on releasing new versions. Our users suggest valuable ideas and we are proud to turn them into new features.

In the case of KYC Coin, there is no concept of rolling services because chargebacks are simply not possible. Payments cannot be refunded or disputed. This satisfies both sellers and buyers.

Because of its ease of use and other advantages, KYC Coin can reasonably be called the best crypto coin to buy right now.