Multi-chain slider & Commission-Free Transactions - What Are They For?

Some services offer really good exchange rates and a lot of trading pairs, but their apps and websites are pretty complicated. If you are a professional trader, you will probably figure out how to use them. But for ordinary cryptocurrency users, this task can be quite difficult. After all, you just want to transfer and accept money, why should you study video tutorials or read lengthy manuals?

It’s like a wristwatch – just raise your wrist and look at it and you’ll know what you need to know.

Multi-chain slider & Commission-Free Transactions - What Are They For?We are constantly accepting suggestions for improvement from our users, in particular, ideas about adding new cryptocurrencies. Technically there are no restrictions on it, so as soon as we understand that users of the KYCC Wallet app need the ability to make transactions with a particular cryptocurrency, we immediately add support for it.

Since our app is focused on making every user as happy as possible, we offer commission-free transactions. This means that you can transfer and accept KYC coins without paying any additional commissions to every user of the network. The only commission is the blockchain fee, which is inevitable for any cryptocurrency.

If you are looking for a crypto exchange with most coins, just use the KYC wallet. With it, you can send KYC coin or any other cryptocurrency in many different ways. One of them is using your contact list. Just add your friend or business partner to your ‘Favourites’ list and you will be able to select them as a recipient of your digital money. You won’t have to copy their address and check if everything has been copied correctly. Just add those people you send cryptocurrencies to your list most often and use the ‘Favourites’ list for instant and commission-free transactions.

The question that bothers many merchants is how to accept funds from buyers.

If you have to accept multiple payments several times a day or a week, it’s not a problem. You can always send an email or get in touch via WhatsApp or Telegram to share your wallet address. But what if you’re a street seller or other merchant who serves a large number of customers? In that case, you’ll have to spend large amounts of time on unnecessary communications.

In addition, such virtual negotiations in messengers or social networks can lead to mistakes. You would have to constantly check whether everything has been copied into your clipboard correctly, and so on.

With KYC wallet you can generate a QR code for your wallet and thus give your customers an easy and affordable way to make payments. We are talking about placing your QR code at the shop window or near the cash register and adding a small instruction to it. Thus, every customer who uses cryptocurrencies will understand where they should point their smartphone camera to and the address will appear to them.

Just generate the QR code once and you will save a lot of time!

Many sellers who use this feature report that their sales have increased, as customers have got another, more convenient way to make payments.